Consolidated Gate City Sport Shooting Association Policy for Recognizing New, or Re-recognizing Inactive Shooting Discipline Clubs.

1. Duplicate or nearly duplicate shooting discipline clubs will not be recognized until such time as range facilities will permit sufficient public access while multiple scheduled events are taking place.

2. The GCSSA Board will make the decision to allow or disallow a club to be recognized in pending status when it applies. Clubs shall apply at general membership meetings.

3. A new/inactive discipline club may apply for full recognition after the following conditions have been met for one year:

   a)   The discipline shall have at least six active participants.

   b)   One member must act as either its president or chairperson.

   c)   A representative must attend at least eight of the ten regular general membership

         meetings for the year. (January - December / June - May, etc.)

   d)   A record of shooters attending each event held at GCSSA facilities must be kept. The record

         must show who is a GCSSA member and who is not. The non-member range fees must be 

         collected and turned over to the GCSSA treasurer at the next scheduled general member-

         ship meeting or earlier.

4. Once a shooting discipline club has full recognition, one of its members shall sit on the

    GCSSA board.


Consolidated Gate City Sport Shooting Association Policy for Reserving Shooting Areas.

1.   The various shooting bays, trap range, Gullyville, main firing line, and clubhouse, may be reserved for scheduled shooting events by the shooting discipline clubs, and other organizations.

​2.   The general membership meeting in February is when the GCSSA calendar for the year is established. The recognized shooting disciplines have first rights to schedule an event. Other organizations may also attend to schedule their events as well.

​3.   For events not already scheduled on the GCSSA calendar, an organization that wants to hold an event on GCSSA grounds must petition the GCSSA board at a general meeting before the event. It is preferred that there be at least one month from the time of petition to the start of the event.

4.  The GCSSA board will endeavor not to have too many scheduled events on Saturdays in a calendar month. It is recommended that the third, fourth, and fifth Saturdays be left open for the general public as much as practical. However, the IHMSA club may continue to schedule its events on the fourth Saturday as its tradition. Also, the board should limit the amount of range space required for the shooting events.

5.   For groups that wish to schedule events at the same time as another group, the following shall be used to determine which group is allowed:

   a)   Recognized shooting discipline clubs have the first priority.

   b)   Events already on the calendar have priority.

   c)   A coin toss shall be the determinate where there are only two groups competing for the

         same day and time at the same meeting.

   d)  Where three or more groups want the same day and time (at a single meeting), a name shall

         be drawn from a hat.

6.   Organizations that have a scheduled event may leave the gate open and unlocked. The board recommends that at least one member of the organization keep an eye out for anyone who may not be a range member using the facilities without authorization. Any GCSSA member may verify anyone's membership status.