Airgun Field Target:

Airgun Field Target started with airgun hunters who wanted to compete outdoors with their hunting air rifles and air pistols.  The targets fall when hit and are reset immediately without delaying the match.  Courses of fire are around 30 shots for air pistols and 50 shots for air rifles.  To  avoid target damage, only lead pellets may be used, and some very powerful air rifles are not allowed.  We have other matches for these powerful rifles.

If you are not sure about your rifle, or have any questions, please email

Airguns Indoor and Outdoor:

Air gunners meet in the clubhouse on the first Thursday to shoot and try out new air guns.  Bell target and 10 meter rifle and pistol as well as sighting in are part of our unstructured program.  On the second Thursday, we move outside to shoot benchrest at 25 to 75 yards.  Along with benchrest we have several speed shooting games.  It is a great opportunity to shoot with other air gunners and find out about different airguns and airgun shooting.  Because we use steel backstops indoors, only lead pellets may be used.

For questions, please email