Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your hours of operation?

There are no set hours of operation, however night shooting is prohibited unless approved specifically by the Board of Directors as part of a sanctioned event.  Shooting hours begin ½ hour before sunrise and end ½ hour after sunset.  Members have access to the range by use of the key they are issued when they purchase a membership.

How do I become a member?

All the information pertaining to membership cost and where they can be purchased can be found at the following link:

Can I use the range without becoming a member?

The way our range operates, you would either have to be a guest of a range member, or purchase a membership yourself.  The range is controlled access by locked gate.  Only members have keys.  Members can accompany guests who then pay a $3 guest fee.  There will not be a range employee there to let you in or help you access everything.

I have lost my key.  How do I get a replacement?

Unfortunately the key is the "membership,"  You would have to purchase a new membership to get a different key.  Here is the wording that was included in the paperwork you received with your membership key/card:

Only one key will be issued per membership.  Lost, Stolen, or Misplaced keys will not be replaced.  The club considers a key to be range access which is afforded to members only. A lost key represents a membership in the “wild”.  You will need to buy another membership if you want continued access to the range facilities.   If your membership card becomes lost or stolen, you may attend a GCSSA Board of Directors meeting to request a “lost membership card replacement” card.