Handgun Events

We have two monthly handgun events.  On the second Wednesday of each summer month is Intro to Handgun, and on the fourth Wednesday of each summer month is Competitive Handgun.

Intro to Handgun

This event provides an opportunity for new shooters to practice shooting a handgun, improve their skills, and talk to experienced shooters about handguns in a non-competitive environment.  Show up anytime that is convenient for you.  There is no fee for the event, but participants who are not members of the range must pay a $5 guest fee.  All handguns in any pistol caliber are welcome.  Bring multiple handguns if desired.

For new shooters who provide their own gun, we can provide guidance on gun safety, proper grip, sight alignment, stance and related topics to assist in learning how to shoot a handgun effectively. 

For shooters of all skill levels we set up variety of steel targets including Steel Challenge plates, a plate rack, spinner, and a whirly-gig (Texas star) at various distances that you can use to practice and hone your shooting skills.

All pistol caliber handguns are welcome, from rim fire on up.  In addition, pistol caliber carbines (PCC) and suppressed 300 Blackouts are allowed with some restrictions.  No projectiles with steel components are allowed.

Competitive Handgun

This event is open to all handgun shooters, including rimfire and revolver.  All skill levels welcome.  Stages will consist of 5 hanging steel targets at various distances, similar to national Steel Challenge events.  Participants will shoot five strings in each stage and the four best times will be kept (for most stages).  The four times that are kept will then be added for the score on that stage.

An outside the waistband holster is required for centerfire pistol divisions.  We may make exceptions to this rule for new shooters.  Rimfire pistol, rimfire rifle, and PCC will start from the "low ready" position.  If four stages are shot, 100 rounds will be fired if there are no misses.  A minimum of 120 rounds is recommended, more if you think you will miss a lot.  If you are shooting a pistol with single-stack magazines, please bring five magazines.  You will be firing five strings of five plus makeup shots for misses during each turn.  If you don't have five magazines, we can make exceptions for new shooters.

Setup will start at 5:30 pm and the event will start at 6:00 pm.  If you want to shoot all the stages, you will need to arrive by 6:00.  Shooters who arrive after 6:00 will still be allowed to shoot, but would not be able to place or win in the overall match unless all stages were completed.

There will be either two or four stages for the match.  It gets dark early in April and September, so there may only be two stages for those months.  There will be a $5 entry fee for four-stage matches, and a $3 entry fee for two-stage matches.  If you are not a member of the range, and additional $5 guest fee will apply.  The event will take place in Gulleyville (the old western town at the Oregon Trail Shooting Range) and the 25-yard bay.

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