High-Power Sporting Rifle:

High-Power Sporting Rifle is national match shooting made deer rifle friendly.  The course of fire includes sighting shots and 32 shots for record divided among prone, sitting and standing.  There are both slow and rapid fire stages.  This event is open to center fire rifles (100 yards), rimfire and air rifles (shot at 50 yards) with either scopes or sights.  Slings are allowed.  Folks who have never shot in competition before should bring a .22 rimfire or an air rifle and shoot the match at 50 yards.

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Stang Shooting:

New for this year, the Sporting Rifle Club is adding a shoot called Stang Shooting.  It was inspired from the Norwegian game of Stangskyting (Stangshooting, named after a Norwegian Army Colonel in charge of marksmanship training prior to and during WWI).  There are a number of YouTube videos on Stanskyting to get an idea of what it is all about.

In Norway, civilians shoot the sport with bolt action rifles with iron sights, while military personnel shoot the G-3 (HK-91).  However, this being the U.S.A., our version is open to just about anything you want to shoot.  Though iron sights are preferred, they are not required.  The popular AR-15 in various configurations should be ideal. 

The object of the game is to get as many shots into the targets as you can in 25 seconds.  There are two targets that are engaged separately.  However, one is limited to starting with just six rounds loaded in their rifle, and may only have two spare magazines (or stripper clips) loaded with five rounds each.  Any more rounds must be loaded singly.  Note: M1 Garand shooters will start with an empty rifle and two en-bloc clips loaded with eight rounds each.

Additionally, only one’s hands, shoulder and cheek may touch the rifle.  A sling attached at no more than two points may be used to support the forward arm.  No part of the rifle, its magazines, bipods, etc., may touch the ground or any other support device.  The shooter may choose to shoot from prone, sitting, kneeling or standing, and may use a shooting coat.  AR-15 shooters may want 20 round or smaller magazines instead of 30s to avoid supporting the rifle on the magazine if shooting prone.

The reduced scale paper centerfire rifle targets will be placed 63 to 87 meters for the 0.5 scale “head” target and 80 to100 meters for the 0.4 scale “1/4" target.  Nominally, this will be about 75 and 100 yards.  The reduced 0.2 scale targets for rimfire and airguns will be placed between 25 and 35 meters for the “head” target, and 40 and 50 meters for the “1/4" target. 

Once full size steel targets and automatic hit counting system is in place, the centerfire targets will be placed 125 to175 meters, and 200 to 250 meters for the “Head” and “1/4" targets respectively. 

The actual target distances will be posted prior to the start of the shoot, but you should come prepared with your sight settings for any of the above distances.